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Welcome to the RAKUN IEO. Before the IEO launches, please take this quick survey for your chance to receive bonus tokens.


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Q1.Did you know that RAKUN is already associated with a blockchain game, CryptOink, with game users all over the world?
Q2.Did you know that Crypt-Oink was the very first blockchain game in Japan and ranked #1 on DappRadar in the past?
Q3.Did you know that within Crypt-Oink it's possible to sell, trade, and breed digital crypto assets in the form of cute pigs called "Crypton"?
Q4.Did you know that the RAKUN team (A Japanese mobile game company called Good Luck 3) has worked in the past with Sanrio, owners of the IP "Hello Kitty"?
Q5.Did you know that Good Luck 3 has achieved over 4 million downloads in past mobile games?
Q6.Can you write the website address of the game “Crypt-Oink”?
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The correct answer to Q6 is "https://www.crypt-oink.io/".